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Photo Price $USD Description
#1 52.00 American PT Boats in World War II,
by Victor Chun
Illustrated study of development, construction, tactics, combat actions.
Over a 180 photographs

(Book Style: Hardback)
#2 29.00 American Warriors Five Presidents in the Pacific Theater of World War II,
by Duane T. Hove
Nonfiction - detailed description, void of folklore, of five US presidents serving their country as Naval Reserve officers.

(Book Style: Hardback)
#3 15.00 An Honorable Profession,
by Bruce Bachman's
Biography of VADM J.D. Bulkeley

(Book Style: Hardback)
#4 42.00 At Close Quarters, (Reprint)
by Captain Robert J. Bulkley, Jr., USNR (Ret)
The well-known comprehensive historical account of the squadrons, bases and tenders, 576 pages which include photographs and maps.

(Book Style: Softback)
#5 76.00 Base 17 history,
by Base 17 members
Photographs, personnel lists, construction of base, operations and activities plus much more

(Book Style: Softback)
#6 31.00 Crash Boats,
by Earl A. McCandlish
The author's story of his P-399 which made over 30 rescues and operated in same area as Pacific PTs, 247 pages, includes photographs and diagrams.

(Book Style: Hardback)
#7 18.00 Early Elco PT Boats,
by Bob Ferrell & Al Ross
History of 70' and 77' Elcos. Includes photographs and drawings.

(Book Style: Softback)
#8 38.00 Engines Afloat, Volume II, Gasoline/Diesel Era,
by Stan Grayson
How internal combustion engines replaces oars, sails and steam in small working and naval craft, includes Packards..
#9 16.00 Excerpt from Vessel and name Usage, U.S. Navy Volume V,
by Dennis M. Greene
Verdemar naval Research, 2000. Names of PT boats (PT Headquarters consulted).

(Book Style: Spiral-bound Softback)
#10 14.00 The Forgotten Ship,
by Joseph E. Bloomer
AGP7, USS Mobjack, was often left alone in highly dangerous situation in the Pacific, includes maps and is 63 pages.

(Book Style: Softback)
#11 22.00 Hot, Straight & True
by Russ Hamachek
Anecdotal view of WWII PTs. Enlightening, unsparingly honest.

Updated Version
#12 42.00 The Last Epic Naval Battle, Voices from Leyte Gulf,
by David Sears
The mammoth and compelling story of the biggest naval battle in world history.

(Book Style: Hardback)
#13 27.00 MacArthur's Escape,
by George W. Smith
First book length treatment of the exploits of Ron 3 in the Philippines since "They Were Expendable".  Hard back with 288 pages includes index and photos.
(Book Style: Hardback)
#14 4.50 Life Magazine Xerox,
May 10, 1943, PT Squadron in South Pacific
#16 18.00 PT Boats,
by Michael Green, (Alyce Guthrie consulting)
Children's book covering history, weapons and boats, includes photos and diagrams.

(Book Style: Hardback)
#17 19.00 PT Boats in Action,
by Tim G. Connelly
PT boats of World War II, includes color illustrations, diagrams and photos, 49 pages.

(Book Style: Softback)
#18 19.00 Recompense,
by Russ Hamachek
Fiction - two stories in one, one wrapped inside another; the first of a loosely formed spy ring known as the Coastwatchers, the second of a son's love for a father lost..

(Book Style: Softback)
#19 26.00 Ron 34 History Book,
by Russell Schuster
Ron 34's history, crew lists, photographs, 71 pages.

(Book Style: Softback)
#20 19.00 Schnelleboote in Action,
by T, Garth Connelly
Color plates, diagrams, photos, history.

(Book Style: Softback)
#21 29.00 The Sea Hawks with PT Boats at War, A Memoir,
by LtCmdr E.D. Hoagland (ret) Rons 24,33
Concrete and specific, this book illuminates how the PTs battled the Japanese, What life was like, details about boats, weapons and tactics.
#22 21.00 Sea Wolf,
by Bill Breuer's
Biography of VADM J.D. Bulkeley

(Book Style: Softback)
#23 18.00 They Were Expendable,
by W.L. White
Ron 3 rescue of General MacArthhur

(Book Style: Paperback)
#25 19.00 U.S. Mosquito Fleet,
by Bob Ferrell
The background of the Mosquito Fleet, includes photographs, line drawings and illustrations.

(Book Style: Softback)
#26 19.00 Vosper MTB's,
by T. Garth Connelly
Details of the Vosper design MTBs, includes color Illustrations and B&W photos,

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