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US Navy PTs were predominately built by Elco Navy Division of Electric Boat Company, Bayonne, New Jersey, Higgins Industries in New Orleans and Huckins Yacht Corp in Jacksonville, Florida. Other builders include, Canadian Power Boat, which built 4 Scott-Paine design boats. Harbor Boat Building, Robert Jacob Yard, Annapolis Yacht Yard and Herreschoff also built (Assembled) PT's from Elco kits and others. The Elco Navy Division manufactured more USN PTs than the other seven. It was later absorbed by General Dynamics, which is still building USN vessels (currently a sub.) Huckins is still building yachts. Higgins went out of business many years ago. Higgins is best remembered for building landing craft.

An Elco 80' - PT 108 refueling during WWII 


All men who served with and supported PTs are considered PT Boat veterans. This includes those serving in one unofficial tender or mother ship and 19 official tenders plus thousands who were assigned to Base Forces and other support units. There were roughly 80 shore bases for PTs around the world.


Theaters of operations for PT boats: Atlantic, Mediterranean, English Channel, Caribbean, Aleutians, Pacific.

Training: Melville (Portsmouth), Rhode Island.
Supplementary training: Taboga, Panama.


Two PT men were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor: John D. Bulkeley and Murray Preston. Bulkeley retired in 1988 as Vice Admiral after 59 years active duty.

Preston's award was for the rescue of a downed pilot in Wasile Bay, Halmahera Islands, Pacific Theater, while in Ron 33. Previously he had been in Ron 1. He died January 7, 1968.

Bulkeley received his award from President Roosevelt for "Breakout from Corregidor," the operation that took MacArthur, his family and Philippine officials out of the Philippines as the islands fell to the Japanese. Bulkeley carefully does not refer to this operation as a rescue. At that time he was in Ron 3, the squadron known as "The Expendables." In 1945 the movie, "They Were Expendable," based on White's book, was released. Actual PTs were used in the filming. Those boats came from Ron 4.


Killed in Action PT men are counted at 331. A plaque in their memory can be seen in the reception area of Newberry Hall (PT Boats, Inc. Museum and Library.) KIAs are actual death in combat. Accidental deaths aren't counted.


Total thought to have served in all aspects of PT service: 60,000-64,000. It's impossible to determine number of replacements. Everyone didn't go through Melville MTBSTC and MTBRTU. Oft-published statements that PT men were all volunteers are untrue.


Out of 531 PTs placed in US Navy service, 69 were lost: 5 - destroyed by enemy surface ship gunfire; 1 - rammed by enemy ship; 1 - rammed enemy ship; 1 - enemy aircraft strafing; 4 - enemy bombings; 2 - kamikaze attacks; 5 - enemy shore batteries; 4 - enemy mines; 1 - damaged by enemy fire then destroyed; 2 - lost in transit, tanker torpedoed by enemy. Total: 26 lost by enemy action.

Additional losses: 18 - grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture; 3 - destroyed to prevent capture; 3 - destroyed by US aircraft; 2 - destroyed by Australian aircraft; 2 - destroyed by US ships; 1 - destroyed by enemy shore fire or wild shot from US warship; 5 - grounded/destroyed outside enemy waters or in storms; 6 - fire or explosion in port; 3 - collisions. Total: 43 lost by accidents, friendly fire or sea conditions.

Above figures do not include fates of Lend-Lease boats.


Some information is several years old.
Prices are not guaranteed.
PT Boats, Inc. does not sell boats.

PT 615 Elco - Philadelphia, Flagship III, $90,000 or $125,000, maybe more. Box 2621, Lincoln Univ. PA 19352. Coated with fiberglass.

PT 761 80' Elco - Jacksonville FL, Taurus V, approx $200,000 Bob Whyte, 904 241-8131. Contract pending as of 3/20/02.

PT 801 78'Higgins -
Argentine Navy, $20,000, gutted. Hull reportedly strong in 1995-96. Beached in Tiera del Fuego. Reports are over 5 years old.

PT 8 - Ray Tyler, Franklin LA 800 269-9382. $1mil, includes trailer. Restored and operational. Registered in LA.

MTB 69?- 70' probably Vosper, but owner says it's Higgins that took part in Anzio. No superstructure, 2 diesels. No leaks. Altered above and below deck. L50,000 worth of work. May have some original instruments. $35,000. May have changed hands. Report about 9 yrs old.
Tim Oakes, 70 St. Peters Street, St. Albans, Herts, AL1 3HG, Great Britain

ASR - P 581 - Army rescue/crash boat. Tom Ziol, Miami, $45,000. High Country Development LLC, 954 785-3881.

PTF - General Propulsion, Palm Springs CA, 760 770-4333. Several PTFs in Chesapeake area.

PBR Mark I - available from Naval Historic Center. 202 433-7874

If you acquire any of the above, please inform seller where you got info and let PT Boats, Inc. know, so we can update our records.
Other PTs are owned privately and by non-profit groups, 3.12.2002

Today roughly 18 US PTs have been located. These boats are in various states of repair and disrepair. PTs 617 and 796 are on static display in Newberry Hall, the PT Boats Inc. museum at Battleship Cove. Restoration of 617 cost over $700,000 and was completed in 1985. 796 restoration was finished in 1975 at a lesser cost. These two boats are on the National Historic Landmark Registry.

PT 309 was bought by the Admiral Nimitz Museum, Fredericksburg Texas in 1995 and is currently cradled near the battleship Texas outside Houston.

PT 658 was given to a group in Oregon in 1994; they are working to restore the boat.

A Vosper, PT 728, has been reconfigured to look like an Elco and is currently in Key West where it is operational. A few others are on the market.

Many PTs were auctioned and otherwise disposed of after the war and have been greatly modified. Many have been chopped to 65 feet. Some have had their deck lowered; most have had the original charthouse/bridge removed. Packard engines were replaced with diesels except in museum restorations.


PT Boat Specifications
Boats Length Beam Draft Weight Speed Engines H.P. each
1940 70' Elco 70' 19'-11" - 40 tons 45 knots 3 1200
1941 77' Elco 77' 19'-11" 4'-6" 46 tons 42 knots 3 1200
1942 80' Elco 80' 20'-8" 5'-3" 51 tons 43 knots 3 1350
1945 80' Elco 80' 20'-8" 5'-6" 61 tons 41 knots 3 1500
1943 Higgins 78'-6" 20'-1" 5'-3" 43 tons 40 knots 3 1350
1945 Higgins 78'-9" 20'-1" - 48 tons 40 knots 3 1500
1943 Huckins 78' 19'-5" 5' 42 tons - 3 1350

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