Throughout the war the ELCO 80' boats were periodically updated and reconfigured for missions they were call upon to perform. Due to the nature of wartime tactics in the Pacific, PT boats actually assumed a gun boat configuration, rather then their traditional torpedo role. Many PT boats were given the tasks of harassing and controlling the enemy left behind on islands that were skipped over by the advancing allied forces. With this leap frog approach of Allied advancement, it became critical for PT boats to take the action to the enemy. This new PT boat activity of relentless attacks on enemy barges and boats used to supply and ferry the enemy from island to island earned the boats and their crews the "Barge Busters" nickname. In addition to this offensive role, the boats and their crews were also enlisted to support troop landings as well as to preform land and sea rescues.

Elco boats also played a roll in the Mediterranean Sea area combating enemy shipping. Including duels with German E-boats or S-Boats (Schnellbooten) and heavily armored and armed barges known as F-lighters.

PT-117 - an Early 1942 Elco 80' PT Boat

PT-352 with experimental Rocket Launcher on Forecastle

PT-559 with Radar and carrying a Thunderbolt gun system

PT-579 with Jungle Camouflage for the Pacific
The ELCO 80 Foot PT Boat
Number Built: 326
PT Boat Numbers: 103-196, 314-367, 372-383, 486-563, 565-622, 623- 624*, 731-760, 761 -790*
Service:  296 Elco 80' PT Boats used by U.S. Navy
30 Elco 80' PT Boats, PT's 731-760 were sent to USSR - all but PT-731 was sent in "knocked down" condition for assembly in Russia.**
1943 Series
Length 80'-0"
Beam 20'-8"
Draft 5'-3"
Weight 51 Tons
Speed 43 Knots
Engines 3 - 1350 h.p.
Basic Crew: 2 Officers, 9 Enlisted Men
1945 Series
Length 80'-0"
Beam 20'-8"
Draft 5'-6"
Weight 61 Tons
Speed 41 Knots
Engines 3 - 1500 h.p.
Basic Crew: 3 Officers, 14 Enlisted Men
* ELCO 80' boats 623, 624 and 761-790 construction contracts
were canceled - war ended. ** Information per At Close Quarters page 484.


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