PT Bases were numerous, of multiple sizes, and constantly changing and moving. For the most part a base was divided into function units. Some bases might be manned with a single person with a hundred pounds of supplies, whiles other might have a compliment of a thousand officers and men with tens-of-thousands of tons of equipment.

Bases were comprised of functional component groups with an individual component serving a specific function. Such functions would included, Administration, Radio Station, Petroleum, Ordnance, Recreation or Camp Building to mention just a few.

A typical planned base could contain as many as 20 specific function groups in various quantities. Resulting in what would be considered Essentials in supporting a single PT squadron. Such a base might have 250 personal and up to 10,000 measured tons of supplies and equipment. Although this was an idealist plan, more than likely, few of these existed. During the war there were approximately 25 Main Operating bases as described above. Also over 45 Advance bases were set up, with many of these being very basic and manned only by a few personal from a main base and the crews of the PT squadron. Hopefully these advance bases might also be supported by a Tender.

In addition to the above mentioned bases, there several other types a bases such as Training, Staging and Commissioning to mention a few. All in total there were approximately 10 other bases of this nature.

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