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The U.S. Navy in 1940 decided to organize PT Boats into squadrons and commission a squadron rather then individual boats. Because of the expected quantity of PT Boats, it would be more efficient to place boats into service in a commissioned squadron rather than commissioning hundreds of boats.

The Navy's official squadron designation was Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron, however it was regularly shorten to a nickname of RON. A total of 45 Rons were commissioned, but two of them never made it to a combat area prior to the end of the war (RONS 41 and 42). Another three squadrons were decommissioned for transfer to USSR on lend-lease (RONS 43, 44, 45). Also notable, three RONS were shipped to the Philippines but arrived too late to participate in any combat action (RONS 38, 39, 40).

Squadrons were generally made comprised of 12 to 16 boats each, but a few were larger. Also squadron would contain all the same type of boats, such as all Elcos or Higgins, although there were some squadrons made up of mix and match boats including 77' Elcos, 80' Elcos and 78' Higgins.

Squadrons comprised of Huckins boat were few, manly due to the limited number of Huckins boats manufactured. Two RONS were made up of Huckins (RON 14 and 260, and were based in the rear. RON 4, the Motor Torpedo Boat Training Center squadron had the four Huckins of RON 14 transferred to in September 1944.

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