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Commissioned: 24,July 1940 - LT Earl S. Caldwell USN
Decommissioned: 9,February 1945 - LT Edward M. Erikson USNR
PT Boats: Early Development Boats PT's 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Elco 77' PT's 20-31,33,35,37,39,41-43
Assigned To: Philippines, fought at Pearl Harbor, Midway and in the Aleutians.
Postscript: Squadron 1 was the first squadron commissioned and was originally made up of experimental boats. Later, the squadron was composed of Elco 77' boats and sent to the Pacific. It was there at Pearl Harbor, where squadron 1 became the first PT's to see action in World War II, on December 7, 1941.

MTB RON 2(1)
Commissioned: 8,November 1940 - LCDR Earl S. Caldwell
Decommissioned: 11,November 1943 - LT Alvin P. Cluster
PT Boats: Elco 77' PT's 20-26, 28,30,32,34,36-40,42-48, 59-61, Elco 80' PT's 109-113, 144, 145, & 147.
Assigned To: the Panama Sea Frontier, Solomons and Guadalcanal.
Postscript: Squadron 2 included PT's 8 and 9, but were transfer to squadron 1. Also PT's 10-19, Elco 70' boats were included in this squadron but transferred to the British under the lend-lease agreement in April of 1941.

MTB RON 2(2)
Commissioned: 23,March 1944 - CDR John D. Bulkeley
Decommissioned: 21,September 1945 - LT Joseph R. Ellicott USNR
PT Boats: Higgins 78' PT's 71,72, 199
Assigned To: English channel
Postscript: This was the smallest squadron ever commissioned, it was organized for special OSS missions in the English channel, where it carried out 20 missions between May and October of 1944.

MTB RON 3(1)
Commissioned: 12,August 1941 - LT John D. Bulkeley
PT Boats: PT's 31,32,33,34,35,41
Assigned To: Philippines
Postscript: This was the second squadron to see action during World War II. One of it's most notable missions was the evacuation of General Douglas MacArthur from Corregidor in March of 1942, and later saw all of it's boats expended by 15,April 1942. NOTE: This squadron is portrayed in the book and movie "They We're Expendable".

MTB RON 3(2)
Commissioned: 27,July 1942 - LCDR Alan R. Montgomery
Decommissioned: 7,August 1944 - LTjg Jay J. Reynolds
PT Boats: Elco 77' PT 's 21,23,25,26,36-40,45-48,59,60,61
Assigned To: Solomons, Guadalcanal, Funafuti
Postscript: This second Squadron 3 was the first to arrive in the Solomons and saw heavy engagement with the "Tokyo Express".

Commissioned: 13,January 1942 - LT Rollin E. Westholm
Decommissioned: 15,April 1946 - LCDR John K. Williams USNR
PT Boats: Elco 77' PT's 59-68, Higgins 78' PT's 71,72, 95-98, Elco 80' PT's 139-141, Higgins 78' PT's 199,200,295,296, Elco 80' PT's 314-317, 450-452, 486,487,505,545,557-559, Higgins Hellcat 70' PT 564, Elco 80' PT's 613,616,619,620
Assigned To: Was the training squadron (RON) at Melville, RI. Postscript: In April 1946 MTBRON 4 consisting of PT 613,616, 619,620 was assigned to the Operational Development Force.

Commissioned: 16,June 1942 - CDR Henry Farrow
Decommissioned: 15,February 1945 - LT John W. Ewell USNR
PT Boats: Elco 77' PT's 62-65, Elco 80' PT's 103-114,314-319
Assigned To: Panama and South Pacific
Postscript: After a tour of about one year in the Panama area, the squadron was shipped to the Solomons where it saw action until it was decommissioned in early 1945. It's boat were later distributed to replenish other squadrons.

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