In forward areas, Tenders served as a mothership for PT's, supplying gasoline, supplies and equipment in limited quantities. They also supplied torpedoes, ammunitions as well as basic engineering and electrical repair work. Tenders also served as a mess, furnished fresh water showers and generated additional electrical supply for moored boats. In later war years the Tenders became more sophisticate with complete overhaul shops, A-frames and/or towed floating dry-docks.

In the early war years Tenders were merely converted yacht and offered little in convenience. Later a few Auxiliary Vessels were enlisted into Tender service, enabling these ships to offer more services. Then along came the versatile converted LST's into service, specially equipped for PT Tendering.

Only one was lost to combat, AGP-1 was sunk by a bomber in the Solomons. At the end of the war most were sold off and scrapped, but one went on to serve longer. The AGP-8, served with the Coast Guard and was eventually send to serve in Vietnam in 1972.

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