There are five sections containing boat drawings. All drawings in this section are rendered drawings, not line drawing

ELCO 80's
This section contains three 80 foot Elco boats one from each major construction group. During the war the 80 foot boats went through three different modifications. Mainly to increase it's ability to carry more armament and crew members. However the boats outwards appearances changed very negligible. The changes concerned interior and structural changes, for the most part.

ELCO 77's
This section shows one pre-war Elco 70 foot boat, and three early war Elco 77 footers. Two of the drawings show the factory installed turret enclosures, which were found to be troublesome, and hence removed. The other two drawings show the turret enclosures removed and modified turrets.

Here you will find three mid-war Higgins in various minor configuration changes. They will show various styles of torpedo launching tubes and deck arrangements, also most types.

Only two Huckins are shown, each one being minor in configuration changes. Very few Huckins were ordered during the war and no saw combat action. They spent most of their patrols in rear areas, patrolling for the enemy in friendly waters.

Shown are three of the very early designs being consider for Motor Torpedo Boat Service. They were all to small, lack proper performance, and were considered obsolete before construction was completed.

This sections illustrates the most common PT armament used during the war. It includes 20mm, 37mm and 40mm cannons. Plus the standard dual 50cal Browning machine guns found on every PT boat regardless of manufacture or model. Also included is an illustration of a multiple 5 inch rocket launcher found on late-war PT boats.

This section illustrates the three basic mast/radar components found on all PTs. The early mast was just simply a mast found on early PT boats, but as the war progressed, it became evident that PT were going to need radar technology. The ocean at night is like a dark cave, without some serious detection equipment, finding and attacking the enemy was almost impossible. By early-to-mid war came a radar system for PTs which would give them eyes in the night. Then later in the war came a more advanced radar system found mainly on the newer boats coming on line.

This is simply an illustration of various torpedo tube designs from Elco to Higgins. The tubes were later discarded when a roll-off torpedo rack was perfected. Tubes were made of heavy steel and consumed to much of the gross weight that could be used for more armament. The roll-off racks also used the smaller Mark XIII torpedo. The tubes used the longer Mark VIII.

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