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They Where Expendable -
MGM/UA - 1945 B&W, the story of PT Boat Squadron RON 3 in the Philippines during the early days of WWII (Note of interest: the boats shown in the movie are ELCO 80', but in reality the boats were the earliest ELCO 77 footers, PT's 31-35 & PT 41.)

PT 109 - about President John F. Kennedy's PT boat war experiences. Both of these excellent movies are available on video cassettes.

CRASH DIVE - staring Tyrone Powers as a PT boat Commander but only for the first five minutes. He then becomes a Sub Commander, but the first five minutes will give you a good look at the Early Elco 77's, which you don't ever see in other movies.

AMERICAN GUERILLA IN THE PHILIPPINES - staring Tyrone Powers as Ensign Palmer a PT boat 2nd Officer, in Motor Torpedo Squadron 3. The story line really does not involve PT Boats other than in the beginning scene a boat somewhat resembling a PT is burning after being attacked by aircraft. The actual story is based on Ens. Palmer and a crew member trying desperately to Australia, but ends up fighting with the guerillas in the Philippines.

IN HARMS WAY - staring John Wayne. Not a PT boat story, but John Wayne's characters son is and officer on a PT boat. There are a few glimpse of what is suppose to be a PT boat, but in actuality it is a Trumpy-built sub chaser modified to look like a PT boat. Similar to the boat used in the new McHales Navy, starring Tom Arnold.

JUST A NOTE: The PT Boat used in the TV series McHales Navy, is actually a British 70' Vosper. It was more than likely built in the US for the British during World War II. During the war hundreds of this British design boat were built or scheduled to be built by several US firms.

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