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PT Boats, Inc., is a 501(c)3 historical nonprofit organization established by veterans of WW II PT service to preserve the history of Patrol Torpedo Boats,  their shore bases and tender ships, and the men who manned them.  Headquartered in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, this organization keeps alive the history of PT boat service through collections of artifacts, books documents, blueprints, photos, and film.  Over one hundred books either mentioning or exclusively about PT boats have been collected, along with approximately 11,000 photographs and other naval references and artifacts.

The collection focuses on WWII PT boats in the United States Navy; however, limited information has been accumulated about foreign coastal and patrol craft, including a small amount about the Korean and Vietnam-era patrol craft.  Archives at national headquarters are open by appointment. Some searches can be done by staff if questions are specific and a copying service is available for a service charge.  Additionally, souvenirs such as tee shirts, caps. battle charts, and videos are available by mail.  Lists of blueprints and line drawings are especially useful to model builders.

PT Boats, Inc., also maintains the PT Boat Museum and Library at Battleship Cove in Falls River, Massachusetts.  Where over 4,000 square feet are devoted to 43 commissioned squadrons, some 80 bases and 19 tender ships, 2 completely restored PT boats. A magazine is also published bi-annually.

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